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Top African American Twitter Influencers.


Top African American Twitter Influencers.

Over the years, social media has become an increasing platform to influence and set up a community that supports a trend, activity, passion etc. of your choice. This reality has engaged so many juggernauts in different phases of life to contribute immensely to the social media community.

Besides, this community has made it easier to support and promote effective communication, collaboration and myriad of mind blowing contents. And out of many social media platforms, Twitter has emerged as a platform where you get to meet the real and authentic public. While there are lots of people that rule the tenets of Twitter community, African Americans cannot be overlooked considering their tremendous impact on social media users around the world.

These people have been labeled to influence the brands people trust, the products they try and the causes they defend and support via Twitter platform. To a very great extent, African Americans are all encompassing as regards different sphere of specializations. These are the people that could make a cause trend on Twitter within few hours of support or disregard to a particular cause.

Although there are many of them, this article will highlight top Influencers with matchless following in their respective genres.

  1. Issa Rae

With over a million followers on Twitter, Issa Rae has emerged as a top African American influencer. She happens to be the leading figure behind a popular comedy show named "insecure". However, before the popular "insecure", she has also been involved in the creation of a web based comedy series titled "awkward black girl". In all her day to day activities, she updates her Twitter followers duly about herself. This has made her a top Influencers in the women's category.

  1. Barrack Obama

In the political world, Barrack Obama is one the top juggernauts that once ruled the seat of power. To this very end it can be well said that Barrack Obama is one of the most influential African American still alive till today. He is well known for his online activities which include his avid presence on the Twitter platform not just as a mean user but a great influence to a large expanse of Twitter users. With over 100 million followers on Twitter, he has named himself over time to be among the most influential figure on Twitter. And while he supports or degrades a cause, there are lots of reactions that could set the cause trending all over the Twitter media space.

  1. Jesse Williams

Apart from the fact that Jesse Williams is a certified pretty doctor on Grey's Anatomy. He also has a personality that influences and pull crowds. However, with over 2 million followers on Twitter he has been able to influence and educate people about issues that affect people. His commitment to doing this has made his followers more glued to his page than ever before. Right from his university days where he studied and obtained a degree from the Temple University in a course titled Film and Media arts. This gave him an edge of experience to understand lots of things quite well and how to curate his passion into reality.

  1. Shaq

Shaq who is fully known as "Shaquille O'Neal" is a pro basketball player and also a self-professed Tech Geek is one of the top Influencers in the sport category who happen to be ab African American. As far as Twitter is concerned, Shaquille O'Neal is one of the first verified Twitter users. He is well known to handle and react from his Twitter account all by himself. Although he is a main investor in technology products, he never leaves his Twitter followers without putting up a tweet to either make them laugh, inspire them or advertise his products.

  1. Oprah Winfrey

As influential as Oprah may seem to be in real life, she never gets worse as regards her social media life. She has translated her massive real life influence to her social media followers. To this end she has over 42 million followers on Twitter. She has been able to manage this platform to tweet her opinions and realities about herself, her brand and other brands. This way she has been able to produce fine results to inspire her followers.

  1. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama happened to be a former first Lady of the United States. Apart from this she has been able to maximize her Twitter account to support and defend different cause that has greatly influenced millions of people. With over 10 million followers on Twitter, she has been able to be a top Influencers as Twitter is concerned.

Although there are more Twitter Influencers that are African Americans in different categories, yet this article is not able to list them in all their numbers. However, the above listed names is not a definitive one such that one is of less importance or value.

African American are great influencers with great mind to express their interest and appreciation for a given cause of their choice.