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Top African American Instagram Influencers.


Top African American Instagram Influencers.

In recent times, Instagram has emerged to be a set tool for people who possess large followers to thrive and make tremendous impact. This impact is a function of the influential prevalence in different categories which include politics, fashion, sport, entertainment, parenting, beauty, health, women's rights etc.

You will agree with me that as much as there are lots of influential personality making effective use of Instagram to promote their social personality, African Americans are among top choices as far as Instagram influence is concerned. These personalities are well known people that have made tremendous impact in their various specializations.

Without mincing words, these African Americans are celebrated celebrities with vision and passion for different causes. While lots of them use Instagram to build their status quo, there are also amongst them that promote their business interests with Instagram.

More importantly these personalities are a source of inspiration to millions of Instagram users taking their engaging posts and pictures about their day to day achievement into consideration.

In as much as there are lots of African Americans Influencers who uses Instagram to do one thing or the other, this particular article will highlight the very top Influencers with high influence in the "Instagram World".

  1. LeBron James

The man named "LeBron James" is a well-known professional basketball player with a strong affinity for Instagram updates on how he fares in his basketball career and circular life. Over the years, his social media interests have made him an Instagram idol for lots of people around the world. As one of the top African American based in the United States, he uses his Instagram account to raise awareness on different occasions for different causes as he decides to. With over 36 million followers on Instagram, he is well assured to be of great influence to fellow Instagram users. And as time goes on, he updates his page with recent happenings about himself and most especially his basketball career.

  1. Beyoncé

With a staggering 106 million followers on Instagram, Beyoncé has emerged to be one of Instagram most-followed personality. Over the course of her Instagram activities, she has been able to move, impact and influence her Instagram fan with posts that relates to her family, musical releases, musical collaborations and other interesting pictures of herself during various events. Even when she is not putting up any updates of herself, she still remains one of the top African American Instagram Influencers. On an average, her pictures on Instagram usually exceed 15 million likes over the course of days.

  1. Rihanna

Rihanna is a well-known R&B singer and also a certified make up superstar. Over the years she has established herself as a main priority in the music world thereby she uses the Instagram media to boost her social profile with lots of fascinating pictures and post. Her creativity when it comes to social presence is a massive point of interest for her Instagram fans. In as much as there are few African Americans personality that can boast of millions of followers, Rihanna is not an exception to such. She has over 61 million Instagram followers she updates day by day with her pictures and recent happenings in her music career be it musical collaborations or latest releases of her songs. Her influence over years is one to be compared with few as far as Instagram influence is concerned.

  1. Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a successful tennis player with lots of world class accolades and achievements. By far Serena Williams stands to be a well-known figure both in her real life and her various social presence especially Instagram. Of such achievement she holds is the second most number of grand slam women's single titles and she has been crowned the number one player in the world on eight occasions.  In as much as she is a real star in the tennis world with millions of fans around the world, her social media influence is not anyway different. She has over 7 million followers on Instagram. This has made her one of the top African American Instagram Influencers. However, she is not lacking when it comes to updating her dear fans about her, she puts up various post about her tennis matches, achievements and processes likewise her family pictures.

  1. King Bach

Of all African American Instagram Influencers, King Bach is one of the most recognized African American Influencers in the world. He was one of Forbes top African American influencers in 2017. He thrives with over 15 million Instagram followers in the entertainment genre. This has given him the platform to showcase his passion as an actor and director. He posts pictures himself and his daily life activities as he wants.

In conclusion, there are over hundreds of well-known African Americans who are Instagram Influencers. Many belong to the beauty category while other thrive in sport, politics, women's rights, music and a whole lot of other categories. And while the list above highlighted a few of them there are lots of others with similar interests and passion.